Why buy a Panda mini rice cooker?

Apart from it being so kawaii, this rice cooker packs a punch

Panda mini rice cooker

Panda fuzzy logic mini rice cooker was added to Yum Asia’s range of rice cookers in September 2018 after the success of our Bamboo Umai Induction Heating and Sakura multi-function fuzzy logic rice cookers.

The reason we launched a mini rice cooker was mainly from feedback from customers – although 8 cup rice cookers do cook small amounts of rice really well, a lot of customers didn’t have the space or funds for the larger capacity models.

Panda is a mini rice cooker in every respect – it’s 3.5 cup capacity so that means it cooks 600g of uncooked white rice, and it’s the smallest footprint rice cooker we sell. This means it’s ideal for small kitchens, couples or people who live alone. It’s the cutest way to cook perfect rice! So apart from the size, what can you expect from our Panda mini rice cooker?

‘Ninja’ Ceramic Inner Bowl

Yum Asia brand rice cookers all have ceramic coated inner bowls and Panda is no exception. It is 2mm thick, hard wearing ceramic coating which is BPA-free and PTFE-free. There are markings on the inner bowl for rice to make it easier to measure the water levels.

Rice Cooking Features

Panda has rice cooking features for White Long Grain, White Short Grain, Brown Rice (short or long grain can be cooked) and a quick cook option – you are spoilt for choice with rice cooking features.

Useful Add-on Features

Usually mini or small rice cookers have less features than other larger models of rice cookers. Here at Yum Asia, we believe just because a rice cooker is smaller doesn’t mean the features should also be limited, so we have packed Panda full of useful add-on features which means you will get ultimate value for money from your purchase. Steaming feature means you can steam veg or meat or dumplings either whilst cooking rice or use Panda as a stand-alone steamer (a steaming basket is included). Porridge feature can be used for traditional congee (rice porridge) or for oat porridge and steel cut oats in Panda are really tasty! Cake Baking means you can create delicious cakes at the touch of a button without having to use your oven. Slow Cook feature is perfect for slow cooking meat, casseroles, soup and best of all, once the cooking cycle has finished Panda will automatically switch to keep warm so your food doesn’t over cook.

Stylish exterior with features that work really well

Here at Yum Asia, we pride ourselves at being rice cooker experts, so a lot of hard work and attention to details goes into every single product we sell. Panda has a contemporary design, with a stylish white and grey exterior. Panda has a hygienic and easy to use Smart Button control panel.

You can be confident that Panda cooks rice perfectly as it has spent many months in Yum Asia’s development kitchen being put through it’s paces. Only the best gets the Yum Asia brand attached to it and we are confident that you will love Panda as much as the Yum Asia team does!

To purchase Panda, see lots more photos or read further information, you can buy from the following:

UK – https://yum-asia.com/uk/product/panda-mini-advanced-fuzzy-logic-ceramic-rice-cooker/

EU- https://yum-asia.com/eu/product/panda-mini-advanced-fuzzy-logic-ceramic-rice-cooker/

US – https://yum-asia.com/us/product/panda-mini-advanced-fuzzy-logic-ceramic-rice-cooker/