Why buy a Bamboo UMAI Induction Heating (IH) rice cooker?

Highly reviewed, awesome features, great looking and even more reasons

Bamboo is a leap in rice cooking technology – not only for it’s special Umai Induction Heating but also for it’s unique rice cooking functions. So why buy a Bamboo Induction Heating rice cooker?

Umai Induction Heating

Umai Induction Heating

Exclusive to Yum Asia’s Bamboo rice cooker model is Umai Induction Heating (IH). Induction Heating in rice cookers occurs when coils in the bottom of the unit create a magnetic field that specifically heats up the inner bowl and contents.

‘Umai’ in Japanese means smart brain which refers to the microprocessor used to make fine adjustments in temperature and cooking times. Because our Umai IH sytem is so smart (and combines IH with advanced fuzzy logic), it makes our Bamboo IH rice cooker more efficient, this means your rice is absolutely perfect every single time and it is cooked faster than other IH rice cookers.

GABA Brown Rice Feature

GABA Brown feature on Bamboo

The GABA brown rice (or germinated brown rice) function uses specific timing and temperatures so the brown rice is allowed to germinate. When you select the GABA function on Bamboo it will soak and activate the brown rice for you using it’s Umai (smart brain) fuzzy logic control after which it begins to phase in the cooking process. During this process, the inner bowl and its contents are kept at a specific temperature for part of the cooking cycle which enables the brown rice to ‘sprout’. The full cooking time for GABA rice in Bamboo, including the additional activation period, takes around 2 hours 25 minutes to complete. The result of this process alters the flavour and increases the levels of nutrients such as gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and gives the rice a softer texture than brown rice with a nuttier flavour.

Yumami (Extra Tasty) Feature

Yumami (Extra Taste)

Yumami or ‘extra tasty’ rice function on Bamboo enhances the flavour of any type of white rice by using a specially designed cooking cycle, It does this by using a sequence of soaking and steaming to release the sugars contained in the rice that are then reabsorbed back into the rice as a different chemical structure that can activate Umami receptors of the tongue which results in extremely flavourful rice with improved texture/taste. The full cooking time, including the special soaking and steaming, for the Yumami function on Bamboo is 1 hour, 6 minutes.

‘Joubu’ Ceramic Inner Bowl

Bamboo Joubu ceramic inner bowl

Joubu or 丈夫 in Japanese means hard, robust or durable. Bamboo’s Joubu inner bowl is exactly that – it’s heavy-duty, 3mm thick, spherical bottom and has several conductive layers necessary for the bowl to induct the heat from the Umai IH system. There are also easy-lift handles to make removing the bowl easier. Inner markings on the bowl include Long Grain, Short Grain, Porridge and Brown Rice.

Other Rice Cooking Features

Bamboo has additional rice cooking features for White Long Grain, White Short Grain, Brown Rice (short or long grain can be cooked) and Crust (for Persian Tahdig style rice). Along with the premium rice cooking features of GABA Brown and Yumami, you are spoilt for choice with rice cooking features.

Useful Add-on Features

Bamboo has some selected add-on features which means you will get ultimate value for money from your purchase. Steaming feature means you can steam veg or meat or dumplings either whilst cooking rice or use Bamboo as a stand-alone steamer (a steaming basket is included). Porridge feature can be used for traditional congee (rice porridge) or for oat porridge and steel cut oats in Bamboo are out of this world! Cake Baking means you can create delicious cakes at the touch of a button without having to use your oven. Slow Cook feature is perfect for slow cooking joints of meat, casseroles, soup and best of all, once the cooking cycle has finished Bamboo will automatically switch to keep warm so your food doesn’t over cook.

Stylish exterior with features that work really well

Here at Yum Asia, we pride ourselves at being rice cooker experts, so a lot of hard work and attention to details goes into every single product we sell. Bamboo has a contemporary design, with a stylish champagne rose exterior. Bamboo has a hygienic and easy to use MoTouch control panel.

You can be confident that Bamboo cooks rice perfectly as it has spent many months in Yum Asia’s development kitchen being put through it’s paces. Only the best gets the Yum Asia brand attached to it and we are confident that you will love Bamboo as much as the Yum Asia team does!

To purchase Bamboo, see lots more photos or read further information, you can visit our product page or our informational site