A cool video to help explain Bamboo UMAI induction heating (IH)

Exclusive to Yum Asia’s Bamboo rice cooker model is Umai Induction Heating (IH). Induction Heating in rice cookers occurs when coils in the bottom of the unit create a magnetic field that specifically heats up the inner bowl and contents.

‘Umai’ in Japanese means smart brain which refers to the microprocessor used to make fine adjustments in temperature and cooking times. Because our Umai IH sytem is so smart (and combines IH with advanced fuzzy logic), it makes our Bamboo IH rice cooker more efficient, this means your rice is absolutely perfect every single time and it is cooked faster than other IH rice cookers.

Key advantages to UMAI IH over conventional heating methods:

Balanced Distributed Heating -Magnetic coils agitate the rice

UMAI Technology – Smart brain fuzzy logic for clever cooking

Surround heating – Heats the bowl not the cooker

Accurate Temperature Control – Helps utilise different cook functions