How to make Japanese sushi in the Fuji IH rice cooker

Who wants Japanese sushi made from a Yum Asia rice cooker?

For this demonstration we make sushi in our Fuji IH (4 cup) rice cooker but the recipe can be easily adjusted to scale for use in other rice cooker sizes. Please refer to your Yum Asia rice cooker user manual for the recipe and quantities related to your rice cooker.

Ingredients required for 4 cup Fuji model:

3 cups of sushi rice (short grain)

Sushi seasoning –

4 tbsp rice vinegar,

1 tbsp sugar,

1.5 tsp salt

Whatever toppings you prefer: sashimi, prawns, avocado, cucumber, salmon roe, eel Seaweed, wasabi, soy sauce and pickled red ginger for garnish