Eating well at university with Sakura

Some ideas to keep you fed whilst studying hard

It’s always a worry for parents when their kids go away to University – will they eat well or just rely on beans on toast and pot noodles to get them though?

With Yum Asia’s multi-function rice cookers, with a variety of rice cooking capacities and ceramic coated inner bowls, they makes the transition to University so much easier. With useful add-on features like slow cooking and soup, batch cooking and then freezing meals will make it easier for a student’s budget to go further but still eating delicious, healthy and nutritious food. The cake baking function is easy to use, preparing treats for a fraction of the cost of buying in the shops.

Ideas for student meals, from slow cooking to stir fries, we have you covered!

Slow cooking

Here at the Greedy Panda, we love batch cooking, as some days you just don’t feel like cooking a full meal after a hard day’s work; it’s so easy to take something out the freezer and it be ready in minutes. We have lots of recipes that are suitable for cooking in larger batches and then freezing.

Chilli con Carne –

A brilliant dish that is very easy to cook any Yum Asia rice cooker’s slow cook feature. Very cheap cuts of meat are excellent in this chilli as the slow cooking tenderises the meat and makes it melt in the mouth. It can be easily adapted to vegetarian/vegan by swapping the meat for tins of different types of beans to make it an equally delicious 5 bean chilli. Served with white or brown rice, it’s a hearty and nutritious meal.

Beef Goulash –

Again, cheap cuts of meat can be used in this dish as the slow cook feature tenderises the meat. This can be paired with rice, noodles, potatoes or even just some nice crusty bread. Nice and filling and any veg you like can be added to it.

Rogan Josh curry –

This is a personal favourite of ours – who knew curry cooked in a rice cooker could be so delicious? Cheap cuts of meat or chicken thighs can be used in this dish or even just pack it full of veg for a super veggie curry. Making the paste is easy, but paste mixes can be bought ready made in supermarkets to make it even easier. Served with rice or naan/flat bread, it’s a perfect student dish for people to wow their housemates with!

Moroccan chicken and chickpea stew –

A delicious and fragrant main meal which can be paired with rice, cous cous or bread. Cheaper chicken thighs can be used and the chickpeas give the dish an extra hit of protein. This dish can also be packed full of veg – whatever is cheap and on offer in the supermarket.

Stir fries

Of course, stir fries are the perfect fast dish to prepare. Packed full of veg and lean meat you get a lovely, tasty healthy meal. We have lots of recipes for stir fries on here which are excellent with rice (or even noodles), our rice cookers can all be preset to cook the rice to be ready for when you want, so you just need to prepare the stir fry! Some of our favourites are:

Chicken with cashew nuts –

Spicy chilli basil chicken –

Sweet and sour chicken –

Ginger and sweet chilli chicken –


Sakura has a great soup setting, so you can make big pots of soup with whatever you want in them. Soup can still be made in Panda and Bamboo as well on the slow cook setting. A mexican style spicy chicken soup with lots of veg and beans, a hearty minestrone soup – or a barley and vegetable soup

Greedy Panda recipes

We have lots of recipes on here which can be used as a starting point for making delicious food on a student budget. Any meat dish recipe can easily be converted to vegetarian and we have a few vegetarian dishes on here too –

Last, but not least…

For tasty treats, our rice cookers have a cake baking feature and Sakura has a yoghurt feature – which are excellent as they produce cakes and yoghurt at a fraction of the cost of purchasing in the shops. We also have a recipe for rice pudding, that universal comfort dish and oatmeal porridge, for those cold winter mornings! All our dessert recipes can be found here –

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